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Geschichten, a German word for stories, is the theme of this album. It’s an album about family, past, childhood and stories, but also about Heimat, a hometown for the soul (Seele Heimat). The cover is from my fathers’ village when I was a young child, taken with his super-8 film camera. Twice a year we went to Germany from Sweden to meet our German families. Me, my sister, and brother loved the variety and complexity compared with safe Sweden. And all the stories… The album is a journey through time and relates to how the consequences of a war travel between generations.


Venusia is the first official output of friends and collaborators Henrik Meierkord (cello), Pawel Kobak (flute), Marco Lucchi (electronics) and Rocco Saviano (guitar). What started as an overseas passing of ideas between Meierkord and Saviano, eventually blossomed into a full collaborative effort with Kobak and Lucchi.

About me

Henrik Meierkord is a Swedish musician based in Stockholm, experimenting with different genres. With the cello as his main instrument, he also masters viola, double bass, guitar and numerous other instruments. As a composer, Henrik creates vivid, full-bodied pieces that draw as much from ambient music's meditative qualities as they do from humanity's rich history of classical styles. As a cellist, he injects emotion that is both relatable and intimate, across a diverse range of musical collaborations. With a work rate that is nothing short of astounding, Henrik continues to explore every possible expression of human feeling, from the heart-wrenching to the transcendental. And yet, a lightness and curiosity run throughout his process, with the sole aim to bring true benefit to the listener. His keywords in making music are pause, vacuum of time, the unconscious, consciousness, dream, meditation, a way of avoiding direct thoughts and reality. He combines Neoclassical approach with his string instruments and effects and sometimes together with synthesizers.

LABELS: Ambientologist, Whitelabrecs, Audiobulb, Ella Ruth Institutet, Projekt Records, Universal, Subcontinental Records,